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Help your team collaborate effectively

LeaderTask Business will help you organize your team work. No more breaking of project deadlines, nerve-wracking and squabbles in your team. Everything is very simple, since all the cases, projects, assignments, deadlines and the whole progress of work are in your LeaderTask. It will put your life and work in order, free your brain from routine, save time and money - it will give you a concrete result!

Unite your team from anywhere in the world

LeaderTask Business is a specialized service that will allow you to unite all team members located in different offices, working remotely or even in another part of the globe. It is specially customized to teamwork and business processes. All work, tasks and assignments are in one app that is always with you.

Increase the productivity of the team

LeaderTask Business allows you to keep statistics of the work for every teammate — how effective he or she is in comparison with others. Thanks to the built-in algorithms calculating data, you can always see who is the most productive and who is lagging behind in work. In addition, LeaderTask Business motivates you to work better, since everyone knows not only their own performance, but also the performance of other team members.
Super Team

Super Team

As a result, this is a great task planner for you to work together with your team displaying the real productivity of everey teammate!

LeaderTask Business - Features for teams

Team Building, Unified Employee List

The team in LeaderTask Business is formed simply. Send invitations to colleagues. A person sets up a program and accepts your invitation and then joins the team. If a person already has a LeaderTask, your invitation he accepts immediately in his program. As a result, a single list of employees is formed in LeaderTask Business. Invite as many people as you want!

Team Role Allocation

In LeaderTask Business you find next roles: superadministrator, administrators, deputies, employees and observers. The superadministrator has supreme authority. Employees perform tasks and can be deputies - transfer tasks to their subordinates. By making tasks available to add persons, you can make them task watchers. A wise leader builds a team wisely!

Assign tasks to employees

There are two ways to assign tasks in the LeaderTask Business. In the first one, you first create the task and then send it to the employee. In the second, you first select an employee and then set him a task. You can also assign recurring tasks to employees, such as regular reports. Change the task conditions if necessary. All teamwork is simple and flexible!

Control of assignments, notices

It's very convenient to monitor assignments in LeaderTask Business. When you set a task, it displays by you and the employee in bold. When an employee has read the task, it's displayed in plain text. When you make changes to a task, it again bolds. The anti-filling mechanism will display all overdue tasks marked "expired" in the current day. There are other options for tracking cases in LeaderTask Business. Everything is always under control!

Filtering and Searching

It 's easy to navigate all of your team 's business in LeaderTask Business. Flexible filtering groups tasks by performer, project, execution status, date, tag, color. In the left pane (navigator) there is a text search by projects, tags, employees and contacts. In the main (central) panel - search by tasks. All processes - past, present, and future - are always available to you!

Project Team Work

You can create entire projects in LeaderTask Business. Many projects - independent and nested in each other. In projects you can create tasks, schedule, and track the overall work for each project. Attach specific people to projects - create project teams. Assign project administrators to those responsible. At the same time you as a superadministrator - always aware of all things!

Task Instructions: Tags, Notes, Checklists

Use extensive task descriptions for your employees. Label the tasks «in focus», «important», «urgent», highlight them in color. Write notes to tasks that can contain links to other tasks and external web resources. Form the checklists. All this can be appointed only by you as a manager. Employees cannot modify them because these properties are a guide to action. You fill tasks with specific instructions, and your team follows them!

File exchange

Attach files directly to tasks. The employee has great freedom of action useful for the common case. For example, he can download your file, edit it, and load it into the task under a new name. And you'll already see the employee's version of the file. Both you and your employees in general can upload any files to tasks, several in one task. This makes the overall work much easier and more enriching!

Task communication in the built-in chat

There is a chat in the properties of each task. If the employee does not understand something, or there are other comments on the task, he writes to you in a chat, and you answer him. As soon as a new message appears in the task chat, the task appears in bold. That is, both you and your employee immediately receive a signal that you need to see the task. Thus, you have direct communication with the performer of each specific task!

But there is more to come

Free updates of apps
Cloud and syncing to all devices
Offline mode
We are constantly working to improve and expand the functionality of LeaderTask. We have regular updates. Follow new releases on the website and in our social medias. You can make LeaderTask better!
All data you are syncing are kept in the protected cloud of Microsoft Azure - one of the most reliable data center. Thanks to cloud storage you have the same data on all your devices: Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. However, you only pay for one app and get the service for all your devices for free!
Lost the Internet connection? No problem. Continue working. When you are connected again, the data you entered offline is syncing to the cloud and your other devices. Online or offline - LeaderTask always works!
Also for you. Secure data transfer (256-bit encryption, SSL protocol), high fault tolerance, ISO27001 security standard.



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