Productivity in LeaderTask


Productivity in LeaderTask is a real display of your team and your own efficiency. You gain points for all completed assigned tasks.

You can see your current efficiency and the number of points in the Productivity section of Navigator on any platform.

Productivity LeaderTask

You earn Productivity when you complete assigned tasks to you in time.
You get +1 positive point for every such task

You lose your Productivity when you complete assigned tasks to you not in time, that means overdue the term set by the task owner.
You get +1 negative point for every such task.

Every assigned task is recorded to Productivity when gets the status "Ready". However rejected tasks are not counted.

Quick tip
In order to avoid losing Productivity carefully plan to-do lists with your teammates. But if you know you are going to overdue a task ask the owner of the task to change the term beforehand right in the built-in chat.

Parameters of Productivity LeaderTask

You can view Productivity against the following parameters:


  • All tasks (based on all completed assigned tasks from all teammates including your own Productivity);
  • My tasks (based on all completed tasks assigned by you)


  • Days(depicts data for the last 10 days)
  • Weeks(depicts data for the last 10 weeks)
  • Months(depicts data for the last 10 months)

Productivity rank and the diagram of completed tasks LeaderTask

Productivity Rank

Productivity rank is a scale depicting every teammates` and your own average productivity for the selected period

Completed tasks in time / All completed tasks Х 100

Productivity Chart

Productivity chart is a diagram depicting three main criteria of Productivity: the first - the entire number of completed assigned tasks, the second - the entire number of completed tasks in time (positive) and the third - the entire number of completed overdue tasks (negative).

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