Roles of team in LeaderTask

The LeaderTask assigns setting roles to specific individuals who may have priority in the program. This is an administrator, a super administrator, an observer, an executive, and a customer. Everyone's rights are different.

The superadministrator is an employee - he's the boss. A person who has created work with all employees, adds to the organization, has the right to remove employees, view these tasks, change passwords to of the employee. Such features are the main ones for it, compared to the others.

Administrator - only a super administrator can assign it. This role gives you the right to add new employees, delete employees, and change the employee's password. Unlike the superadministrator, does not give the right to view tasks of others.

Observers are employees who can view the task, write comments in it, and attach files to the task. The point of the observers is that they monitor the progress of the task by reviewing the performance of the task by any provider. They can't change checklist by items, change task properties, or fix anything in this task, they can only delete their files and their comments.

The performer is a person who performs a task set from another person (author). He can write comments, attach files, set checklist's execution or task status in general (in work, on pause, etc.), and change the time of this task for itself. All tasks from the authors are marked with red (assigned me the task - complete it).

The author (Customer) is the person who assigns the task to the performer. If he is an author, he can change the task, as he wants, with all the features. The performer will see all the changes. Tasks assigned from the author - green colored, i.e. the author sees this task as green (assigned by me), the performer will see this task red (assigned to me).

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