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Premium - what is it and for whom?

LeaderTask Premium is a personal case management service. An effective tool for organized people. But to be honest, most of us are not exactly organized. It's difficult to think through everything to detail, not to forget, to control - it's difficult to understand the result in the end. LeaderTask will help us by the way. It will put life and work in order, free the brain from the routine, save time and money - will give a concrete result!

How does LeaderTask Premium differ from Business?

LeaderTask Premium is an advanced service. It is specially created for your work and life.

How does LeaderTask Premium differ from the free version?

Yes, we also have a completely free LeaderTask. And it is possible that it will suit you. At least for the first time. But, at a small price of LeaderTask Premium has much wider and more convenient capabilities. So we are confident that if you need a quality personal planner, LeaderTask Premium is precisely for you!

I don 't know what 's right for me yet, how can i understand?

But if you don 't know what 's right for you yet, you 're definitely good for a free trial! Test the service at full capacity - full functionality for both personal and team work. The program will then automatically go down to a free version. And you will already fully appreciate all the possibilities of the service and make a further choice either in favor of Premium (personal) or Business (command) version. Everything is in by your choice!
What as a result?

What as a result?

As a result, you have a great service and the ability to choose the configuration you want. Specifically here we represent LeaderTask Business: your personal planner, organizer, secretary, loyal assistant and friend!

Review of LeaderTask Premium


Tasks and projects

Create goals and tasks. For this purpose use trees. The target can be a top-level task. Within it, organize subtasks. By doing so, you break down the process into logical stages and go meaningful towards a given goal.

Daily log and calendar

Create time-repeated cyclic tasks. Regular reports at work, sports workouts, walks with kids, anything. In LeaderTask it's very convenient to do it.

Notes, markers, checklists, files

Use the Task Properties pane. You can assign random color and tags to tasks, and make the overall highlighting of tasks a color. Create and mark task execution points in the checklist.


Set up automatic reminders. Per day, per hour, per 10 minutes, any time before the start or end of the event. Put business reminders, birthdays, university lectures, anything.

Repeating tasks

Configure time-repeated cyclic tasks. Regular reports at work, sports workouts, walks with kids, anything. In LeaderTask it's very convenient to do.

Filtering and Searching

Use flexible filtering to group tasks by project, variant status, date, tag, color. Use text search. There is a search separately by projects and tags.

Tasks from email, voice input

You work on the someone else's pc? No problem. Send tasks to your LeaderTask directly from email. In the car or on the move you have no chance to write? It's not a problem too.

Print tasks, notes, schedules

No one cancelled the to-do lists on paper. Often it's really more convenient to read from a sheet, or a printout is needed to show it to another person. LeaderTask can help by this way. You can print to-do lists on the desired date. You can print the desired page of the daily.

Export and inport of projects, backups

LeaderTask is reliable. But it provides you with additional reliability to export projects and import them back into the program.

But there is more to come

Automatic updates of the program
Cloud, sync with devices
Offline mode
We are constantly working to improve and expand the functionality of LeaderTask. We have regular updates. By default - but with a warning - updates occur automatically. If you wish, you can make this process manageable by adding updates as you wish. Keep an eye out for new LeaderTask releases on the website and in our social medias. Make offers!
For you - storage of data in the protected cloud Microsoft Azure in a reliable data center. Thank to cloud storage LeaderTask is available on pc and mobile devices: computers, laptops on Windows, Apple Mac and phones, tablets on Android, iOS. However, you only pay for the app per device. You get apps to other devices for free. And everywhere - your single LeaderTask!
The Internet was disconnected? No problem. Continue to work. When you resume your connection, the information you entered offline is synchronized with the cloud and your other devices. Online or offline - LeaderTask always works!
Also for you. Secure data transfer (256-bit encryption, SSL protocol), high fault tolerance, ISO27001 security standard.



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